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Company History

Established in 1953 by Paul Stiegler, Simplex Knitting Company began knitting traditional Simplex fabrics.

The primary application for such fabrics in at this time was for ladies’ gloves. The construction of Simplex fabric with its natural give provided a good fit to the hand.

Simplex Knitting Company Ltd introduced a new market for shoe linings in the 1960’s, before transitioning into lingerie and intimate apparel fabrics circa. 1980.

The company was honoured to supply Simplex fabric to make gloves for Her Majesty the Queen.

As well as the traditional Simplex fabics which lent the company its name, we now offer an extensive range of 40 gauge warp knit fabrics including elastic tricots, powernets, tulles, satins and meshes.

About Us

The finest quality warp knitted fabrics can be found at Simplex Knitting. Our team ensure all fabric meets our accredited standards.

Simplex Knitting prides itself on its staff retention – having some of our staff work for the company for over 35 years. This allows us to develop our expertise and continually develop our fabrics.

All fabric is knitted and custom dyed to order.

We work with market leaders worldwide offering a wide range of fabrics from traditional Simplex to elastic tricots, powernets, tulles, satins and meshes.

Why choose Simplex?

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Highly trained, experienced and friendly team
  • All fabrics accredited to Oeko-tex standards
  • Versatile fabric offerings to suit a wide range of applications
  • Flexible MOQs
  • All fabric is custom dyed to order
  • Sublimation printing using our own exclusive prints
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Make sure you check back regularly for company news and the latest from Simplex Knitting Company Ltd. We update this website with new content and important information about our products and services on a frequent basis.

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